Musical activities

The “Para thin alόs” ensemble, takes part in dance-teams’ performances, in concerts, festivals, social events

and in every circumstance which promotes the authentic Aegean tradition.


Marriage has always been an essential event in people ’s lives

Nyphostoli (bride adornment) and wedding music

In the Aegean islands, the couple is dressed and adorned with the presence of the island “zygia” (violin and lute) and songs suitable for the case. Praise -lyrics for the groom and the bride inspired at the time, are never missing. Finally, walking with “the violins” playing the so-called bridal “patinada”, they come to the church where they will become one, within a blessed atmosphere of joy!

Cypriot marriage customs

The main customs preserved and celebrated throughout Cyprus are associated with the rites of separation, that symbolize the separation of the couple to be married from their families.


These are:


the shaving of the groom, the “dancing of the wedding clothes”, the dressing of the bride and groom, the zosimon ritual (the tying and untying of a red kerchief around the waist of the bride and groom) and the kapnisman ritual (The parents bless the couple by circling the censer around their head three times) while musicians play and sing.

Musical and dance performances

Concerts – Social events

“Para thin alόs” music ensemble is called to play in performances of traditional dance performance groups who present dances from Aegean and Cyprus, thus contributing to the rescue of the musical style of each area.