A musical trip to Kalymnos CD2


1. Issos of Kos (dance-instrumental)

2. Sousta dance of Kalymnos and Symi

3. Politikos syrtos dance (instrumental)

4. Angelos ekatevike (praise to the bride) An angel has come down

5. Nyfficatos (an old marriage song)

6. The Waltz (march) of the marriage - instrumental

7. Parianos (of Paros) Wishes to the couple

8. Kalamatianos and Vryssoules (dance)

9. Sousta of Samos island (instrumental)

10. To marouli (a sitting tune)

11. Tou Kazoniou (a sitting tune)

12. Charkiticos (of Chalki) (a sitting tune)

13. Evraiopoula (Young Jewish girl) Face to face dance with lyrics

14. Tou Gretsi (Zeibekikos dance from Smyrna)

15. Tsifteteli (An Asia Minor origin intrumental dance)

16. Sgouros Vassilicos (a sitting tune)

17. Politissa (Kalamatianos dance)

18. Kassoticos (of Kassos) (a sitting tune)

19. Mera merosse (the song in the end of the party)

20. Doena (An instrumental virtuosity tune)

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CD 2

Songs and dances from the sponge-divers island.

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